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techXplora offers top notch performance in affiliate marketing and mobile campaigns

techXplora has earned the faith of its clients within a short period and aims to expand its horizons towards pushing their mobile campaigns to the utmost extent. With a clear vision, we design tectonic shifts in affiliate marketing which in turn galvanizes clients’ brand value. While associating with us, be confident that your campaigns are well set for achieving greater heights.

Rest assured – We are here to take care of all your technical nitty-gritties Give wings to your mobile campaigns with us and enjoy a sabbatical. Getting you excellent revenue and a worthy share in the global gaming industry is our responsibility.
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Digital Campaigns and Marketing.

Digital Campaigns and Marketing.

Affiliate marketing runs in the genes of our experienced team members and they will take your mobile campaigns till the zenith. Traveling the globe and working on renowned platforms, our experienced team has gathered a massive customer base within a short period..

Branding and Advertising

Branding and Advertising

Advertisers will only approach you if you can give out of the world solutions. We aim to offer ingenious changes as far as segments of branding, advertising and marketing matter. Our specialty is to integrate brands with clients through favorable channels.


Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

We are renowned in the domain of developing highly reliable and efficient mobile applications. Our team gels in its endeavors with the iOS, Android and Windows platforms while excellently amalgamating comprehensive data APIs for associating mobile apps to the web based system..

Software Development

Software Development

We have conquered new frontiers as far as the domain of software development is concerned. Our team excels in surpassing clients’ expectations at every step and have mastered the art of working as per their desires.

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Our team has revolutionized relationship with clients and our top priority is their satisfaction at the utmost extent.

We offer them top notch mobile campaigns, publicity and state of the art affiliate marketing. We have created a niche in the industry and our name is synonymous with perfection and adequate monetization. Apart from our day-to-day services, we provide, website development, design among other things.

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We cover every model such as CPA, CPC, CPI etc. Our agency focuses on maximizing ROI for our all advertisers.


Gaming, Entertainment, Shopping, Utilities etc.



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Yes, we can pass GAID/IDFA.

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