Google Files Go Application Updated- Google Drive File Backup App


Google is one of the outstanding search engines we have. Known for its amazing features, it never relents in updating and adding Google features that are Google user friendly and most productive. It never stops exciting us and now, Google Files Go app is one of it.

Google Files Go

The big search engine, Google,  released a software update for its Files Go app on Android of recent, earlier this year. With this update, you can conveniently back up your files to Google Drive with the Google Files Go application. Of course you know Google will bring to you, additional SD features with outstanding improvements.This update was first released on the 15th of February 2018.

How to Use the Google Files Go for your Google Drive Backup

I’d like to show you some easy navigation through the Google Files Go app. This is in effort to spice up your experience. In order to make use of this feature:

Step 1: Go into Downloads

Step 2: Click on the arrow beside the file you wish to backup

Step 3: Click on Back up to Google Drive

Step 4: Enter your details such as Document Title, preferred Google account, and preferred folder in Google Drive.

Step 5: Google Files Go app users need to have the Google Drive app installed on their mobile devices for the file app feature to work.

The g drive or g file is available for all Android devices. The Google Files Go has been launched in different places. One of which was in Google for India 2017 event during December. The Google drive app, like other Google Go apps, has been custom built for smart phones. Even mobile phones that have low inbuilt storage and up to 1GB of RAM can conveniently partake. If you have Android oreo operating system, the Google Files Go app comes pre-installed.

Features of Google Files Go- Your best Google Dive Application

Earliar this year, several features were introduced in Google Files Go app. This includes Google drive features like:

1) Support for android tablets
2) An SD card-only view, and of course,
3) The new Open With flow

The open with flow allows Google users choose the destination app for the files or doc files that’s selected.


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