How To Install and Use Spy App To Track An Android Smartphone- MSPY


Every day, people lose their cell and other vital properties to criminals. Most times, these mobile phones contain very important information and contacts that seriously, aren’t worth losing. In most cases, your mobile details finally don’t get retrieved and is mourned and forgotten. This can happen to anyone, no matter your status. This has brought about the introduction of Spy App or Spy Mobile App that can track the location of your smart phone, as a location tracker.

Spy App

You need a Mobile App Tracker (MSPY)

Spy app is available online that can aid in retrieving your stolen or lost phone. As Mspy location tracker tracks down your smartphone, the culprit can be found. With the various mobile app on Android, you can keep track of what your spouse, teen, partner or even employee is up to. It can also allow you to stealthily check on a person’s activity without their knowledge.

This Spy App can be installed and tracked via another device without the person knowing such app exists. This can easily be done through Google PlayStore for Android Smartphones. Check out the features it holds.

SMS Tracker keeps Tracks on all of the following: Browser History on Android 5.x and older versions, Phone Call Logs, Text Messages, Picture Messages, including videos and Location History (GPS tracking).

Steps to Install SMS Tracker:

I will take you through some step by step use of one of such apps called “SMS Tracker”.

Step 1: Ensure that the unknown Source is turned on before installing this app. This can be seen at the permission option at the setting.

Step 2: After Step 1, install the SMS Tracker app.

Step 3: Then you register an SMS Tracker account on your mobile app, which would need you to provide your E-mail details, password, name and nickname.

Step 4: Immediately after Step 3, the Device ID shows up, showing that the step was successful.

Step 5: Then you need to login to activate the account though here with your username and password.

Step 6:
After logging in, go to the SMS Log tab, where you will find the information including Time/Date, From, To, and the message.

Then you are good to go and start rocking your SMS Tracker Spy App.




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