How to Use Google Drive and Save your Files Online


Everyday we snap pictures, save important files and documents, music and so much more. When we misplace our mobile devices, we keep wondering how we can get them back in one piece, just as they are. It’s a simple thing.

If you don’t have your important documents backed up, then you have something else coming up. You are the only one left out in the world, how about that? Lol. I will give you an insight on how to use and have access to google drive and back up your data online. It’s as simple as counting 1,2,3. Let’s go further down.

What You Can Do with Google Drive

With the amazing online Google Drive, you can store and upload all your your files in one piece. What’s even more interesting is that you can share these files with colleagues or team members, and easily access them on any mobile device, anywhere.

 What Can I Upload and Store

There are variety of files that can be stored.

Types of files are:

  • Pictures
  • Drawings
  • Videos
  • Files
  • Documents,

and pretty much many more. Once you store up these files in a particular device, it can then be accessed on other devices.

Upload Files to Drive on the Web

One way to store files in Drive is to upload a copy of them using your web browser:

  1. Simply Goto
  2. Createor open a folder.
  3. Choose the File or Folder upload, that you want to upload
  4. Click Open

You can also use another method by dragging the files directly to google drive straight from your computer or device. This can be made possible easily with the latest versions of your browser like chrome.

How to Upload files with the same name

If the files you want to upload matches the name of a file that is already existing, it will be added as a new version and not necessarily a duplicate of it. You can visit the previous version of the file when you go to manage versions.

To ascertain if your file has been successfully uploaded, you will see “upload complete” pop up and you are good to go.

Save and Store Your Files on Your Desktop

You can work directly on your desktop when you install Drive File Stream. When this is done, your Drive files and documents will appear and can be well streamed without using up storage space in your computer. G Suite administrator ought to be turned on to access Drive File Stream. Whenever you decide to uninstall Drive File Stream, your Google Drive files can be accessed directly from the web.

How to Upload Files from Your Smart Phone or Tablet

Google Drive app or feature just seem easier. You can enjoy online Drive with your Android or iOS device.

Goto Google play if you are an Android user, and App store if you use iOS devices

  1. Find the Google Drive app and install theDrive on your mobile phone or tablet
  2. Open the file or what ever it is you wish to upload or save, and tap share>Drive

How to Move Files to a Folder:

  1. Know the files you wish to save in your Google Drive
  2. Order and organize your desired files in folders just the way you ant it to appear in
  3. Clickon the Drive File Stream
  4. Clickon the Open Google Drive Folder
  5. Now, you can move those files/folders into your desired folder and it will remain permanently there.

How to Access your Drive Files Offline

When you are not within the circumference of an internet connection, you can always have acess to your files and do what you want to do with them.

When you set up offline access to your files, you will be able to view as well as edit and re-save your files without internet connection.

Your Offline Access Using Web

  •  Goto your Google Drive. Then tap settings
  • Check your offline section and tap the edit offline button
  • Click ‘Done’

 Your offline access using Android devices

  1. Go to your Google Drive app
  2. Touch and hold the file that you want to have access to at least for 1–2 seconds.

For access to your Drive files, check the buttom, tap More>Available offline. To check for Slides files Docs and Sheets, simply tap Available offline. A mark will display that shows you that the file is available offline.

  1. Also, Goto Menu > Offline and you can start accessing your free files.

 Your offline access using iOS devices

  1. Open theDrive App
  2. Tap on ‘more’ just next to the file you wishto edit offline>Available offline. You’ll see a pop-up that comes up that shows that the file is now available offline.

If you wish to see your files offline, simply goto menu >offline, then check out the file you wish to edit.


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