How To Use Split Screen Mode In Android Os


Split Screen with Android Nougat – Technology has not relent in making our day to day life awesome with innovations. You may be wondering what the day holds, as you surf through the internet daily.

Split Screen

Android Os has not stopped releasing different versions of their operating system, and Android Nougat is one of it. However, the implementation of Android Nougat stands on the shoulders of Samsung by Google and has produced an efficient and easy-to-use Split Screen mode; basically, enabling the ability to do two things at a time. Below is an app to activate the split-screen mode if your Smartphone runs on Android Nougat.

How to Get Started with the Go Split Screen

Here are simple steps to follow in other to get started with your Split Screen mode:

Step 1: Before you launch the split screen mode, install and open an app.

Step 2: Press and hold the ‘Intents button’ which most persons refer to as the “recent apps” button. This will show a different icon which indicates that you’re switched to Split Screen mode already.

Step 3: Once this is done, half the screen will feature the recent app, while the other will show a list of previously-accessed apps. This doesn’t affect the scrollable card deck as it is the same as during any typical multitasking session.

For apps that don’t support the Split Screen view, a notification will be seen over the card. To use any app that supports split screen, just scroll, tap the app, and boom! You’re good to groove.

If you so wish to switch to one app mode, you can still tap and hold the Intent button. Then the top app will fill the screen. Also, if the apps you intend to put on split screen mode isn’t on your multitasking list. Just touch the home button and you’ll be taken to your home screen. Once you locate the app that you want to use, tap on it and then, you’ll be back in split screen mode.

To Adjust and End the Split Screen Size:

To adjust the Split Screen size dedicated to a particular app:

  • Touch and hold the slider in the middle of the screen.
  • To end your split-screen session, touch and hold the Intents button, and the screen will go back to your original app.


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