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Spotify Spotify Spotify!!!

There is a popular tale that Music is the food of the soul. Is that your believe as well? How do you picture owning an archive or music library where all your favorite music are? Spotify is one if the free music apps that provides a platform that creates this feature and many more.

Spotify Music

You can be a plus to about 30 million paying subscribers and nearly 90 million Spotify users. You can become a master using the Spotify web or Spotify app, with your Spotify free account..

Start Spotify Music with your Spotify Free account

If you love music, then you will be interested in Spotify. There are several ways you can achieve your aim because you want to play your favorite music. There are a bunch of ways to do that:

  • Search for your favorite Spotify song: Tap the Search tab> type the song name or artist> and you’re set. You can keep playing it repeatedly.
  • Find a get playlist: Search for something you can remember like “blue pebbles” to see if just anyone, has used that as a Get down and see the results being displayed.
  • Enjoy the “radio” station: Here, Spotify is interested in striking your interest. There are recommended stations available or you can simply choose a genre by clicking on the “+” button, at the top to create your station.
  • Browse your Spotify Music: Get lost in the sea of music which spotify brought together, based on your interest. You will come across a lot of music The tiles at the top are playlists that Spotify thinks you’ll enjoy, based on your listening habits.
  • Build your Spotify library: The Library is an important aspect as a Spotify user. Here, your favorite Spotify music are well arranged and ordered, and makes it easier to navigate around.
  • Get your Favorite Spotify music into Playlists, Stations, Songs, Albums and Artists: Get your playlist into Playlists by following it up with the follow option at the very top. Those stations you created earlier in the Radio tab will display here.

How to Make Playlist

Having a playlist can make your experience a beautiful one. However, there are two simple ways that you can create one:

  • Tap the option button which is circle with three dots>>goto a song>> hit “Add to playlist.” This is added to an existing one or a new one can be created.
  • Navigate to the Playlists part>>Edit button in the corner>>the “+” will then appear

Save your Favorite Song

You can also “Save” music. You need the “Save music” icon when it comes to Songs, Albums and Artists. To “save” goto to the options button that’s right next to your chosen song.

Save an entire album

Also, saving an album is really cool as well. To do this, all you need do is “Follow” the album, similar to playlists. Save an entire album by going to the artist or album page>tap the follow button, and you will see it come up in your library.

Clever Spotify Features You need to know

Downloading songs. Downloading your favourite Spotify music just got better. You can download and enjoy your music without consuming data, especially where you don’t have data or have poor data reception like when travelling.

How To Download Spotify Music: Take a stroll down to your Library. Right at the top of your favorite spotify playlist or any song list, click on the “Available offline” then start download. Ensure you have battery or get it charged up.

The song queue. Queue up your music list. You can simply do this by tapping the option button that’s right next to the song> then choose “Add to Up Next” and you are ready to fly. You can check and view your queue when you go to the “Now playing” screen>hit the bar at the bottom of the app>hit the three line icon at the upper right corner.

Follow an artist. When your favorite artist releases new songs, you can be the first to know. You can do this by going to the artist’s page and tap the “Follow” button.

Discover new music and check the Lyrics: This feature can help you discover new artist that you may not have known already exist. When you go to your artist’s page>goto the tiny list that’s right below the list of your popular track>discover new music.

Get to know the lyrics of your favorite song by going to the Now playing Screen >tap on the bar near the button of the app>swipe down on the album cover>enjoy your lyrics with the music.

Find your friends and add them

Add your friends, see what they are listening to and send them your songs.

Go through your app and click on your photo> tap the “Find Friends”>see your friends from example Facebook. You can also follow brand account by tapping on Featured.

These amazing features can be found in Spotify Web and Spotify App. You can have an exciting experience when you become a Spotify user. Simply get started with


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