How to use WhatsApp Online Using Your Computer-Whatsapp Web


WhatsApp online has been able to solve communication problem so far, and it’s still doing so with the web. There are times you will want to use the QWERTY keyboard to exercise your dexterity. And I know you’d like to use your desktop because it makes Whatsapp web chat fun to type long messages.

Whatsapp Online

Now, I will take you step by step, on how to use your Whatsapp online with Whatsapp web in your PC. Not just in Whatsapp web app or Whatsapp web tablet. As a Whatsapp user, I will discuss how to use Whatsapp online on WhatsApp Web or desktop apps for Windows and OS X.

What You Need to Get Started with Whatsapp Web

Basically, you need a phone that has access to Whatsapp. You need the following, to conveniently solve the problem of using Whatsapp online with your PC.

  • An Android, iPhone, or windows Smartphone or tablet
  • Access to the internet
  • Whatsapp already installed in your mobile device (Not the phones with older Os versions)

Your phone needs to be on, with access to internet connection. This is because the Whatsapp web on your PC, practically reflects the app that’s in your mobile device. Let’s go on.

How to Get Started with WhatsApp Online With Your PC

Basically, you will have to pair your phone with WhatsApp Web.

  1. Using any of the browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari), type
  2. You’ll see a QR code. All you need do is scan with your WhatsApp phone app. There are various instructions for different devices. For example, in the iOS app, goto Settings>WhatsApp>Web. For windows phone, goto open whatsapp>menu>whatsapp web
  3. When done with scanning the code, you’ll see your WhatsApp messages that are on your phone, in the browser. To avoid using so much data, you can connect to a Wi-Fi network for your Whatsapp web.

While using the exact reflection of your Whatsapp mobile on your PC, you can still have a wonderful experience with the emojis, GIFs, photos and voice notes, view your contact list, and receive notifications on the computer.

How to Get started with WhatsApp’s desktop app

This is a similar process with the WhatsApp Web, but there’s just one factor that makes the difference. You need to do a simple task by downloading and installing the application pretty first. I will show you how…

  1. Simply download the Mac or Windows version of your app with com/download.
  2. As a Mac user, unzip the file. After that, move Whatsapp to the Applications folder.
  3. If you are a Window’s user, run the EXE file and follow up.
  4. The app will begin to launch;a QR code will display for you to scan with the WhatsApp phone app. There are directions on how to scan below the code, like in the iOS app, goto Settings>WhatsApp Web.
  5. Scan the code and see your WhatsApp messages right on your whatsapp desktop. To avoid using so much data, you can connect to a Wi-fi network for your Whatsapp web.

The WhatsApp’s desktop apps gives you the same experience as your Web and mobile. You can always perform your smiley duties and more like emojis, photos, voice notes, and receive notifications.

Your Security is at Risk

As soon as you get your Whatsapp online desktop app installed, anyone that has access to your computer, as far as you are logged in, can possibly view your WhatsApp conversations. But when your PC is password-protected, this can be fully avoided, if it’s a public computer, always sign out as soon as you are done.

How To Log Out from your Whatsapp Desktop App

When you want to log out, you will see a three-dot menu icon. Click on it and select the log-out button. When you are logged out, someone else can not have access to your private conversations and files.



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