TechXplora, Our unique working I&T methodology

State-of-the-art campaigns, efficient mobile campaign publishing, affiliate marketing and wholesome digital services set us apart from others. We offer an exclusive solution to all your mobile campaigns! Success is a part of our DNA and industry experts swear on our expertise. We have undertaken several mind boggling steps to offer a new perspective regarding affiliate marketing. A partnership with us will help you explore various new avenues.

Amazing Services & Features for you

Techxplora covers all field and services for their clients. We give best solution according to client requirement.takes all our partners concerns into account and has created a niche for itself within a short period. Our organisation is a renowned digital mobile campaign publisher which specializes in core verticals such as mobile gaming, shopping, entertainment, utilities among others.Moreover, our experienced team provides necessary services such as digital marketing, affiliate marketing, technical support, CPI (Cost Per Install), CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), CPS (Cost per Sale), CPL (Cost per Leads) and others."

eCommerce Solution

We identify the best talent in the industry and they in turn handle our Ecommece segment. Clients associated with us are offered top notch services as far as buying and selling of goods and services online is concerned.

Digital Marketing

Our heavily experienced team has earned expertise in the arena of affiliate marketing and will give due efforts to your mobile campaigns. Educated from the best universities around the globe, their revolutionary ideas have influenced a huge customer base apart from bringing positive changes in the industry.

Cloud Computing & Service

We hire geniuses to do your work and won't let regret ruin our relations. So, enjoy the technical ride with us as we weave magic in the arena of AWS Amazon, Google and Cloud computing services among others.

Technical Support

Technology is our alma mater and we work round the clock to do justice in the field of technical support. So, put all your worries to rest as we are all set to provide Windows, Open Source (Redhat, Ubuntu), Android iOS support to our clients.

About What We Do & Who We Are

Our dynamic team at Techxplora has taken the market by storm. Clients associated with us will enjoy the best services and high quality traffic to catapult their mobile campaigns. Industry experts sing paeans of our motivational staff who always go out of the way to offer excellent monetization to those associated with us. Being the global affiliate marketing platform that we are, we also strive to offer design development, etc. apart from our regular services..

We are the specialists – Leave all your problems to us. "Your mobile campaigns are no more a headache of just your own staff, we are there to share the load!! Our state of the art organisation’s core agenda is to maximize the ROI (Return on Investment) for our esteemed clients. Mobile gaming is our specialisation and our highly professional staff members work round the clock for our clients’ campaigns, which in turn results in amazing revenue. As you all are aware, the global gaming market is like a tornado estimated to be worth $ 152 billion as the year 2019 dawns to a close. Mobile games have taken the lion’s share of the pie and nearly $68.5 billion (i.e. 45% of that) come from these alone while attracting an avalanche of investments. This in turn, has led to an increase in advertisers in the market. We are based in Saharanpur city, Uttar Pradesh, India and as an affiliate marketer, have successfully promoted huge number of mobile apps."

Check What The Happy and prosperous clients Say About Our Performance

Our esteemed clients and their happy faces is what keep us going. Hiring some exceptional talent has helped us retain a huge customer base and they will vouch for our competent work! The affiliate marketing segment has definitely benefited from the wizardry of Techxplora

Why US

Our work and expanding client base speak of the path breaking steps we have undertaken to carve a name for ourselves on the global platform. We will provide mind-boggling offers which you won't be able to refuse. Associate with us and say no to any kind of hassles as our work is 100% ROI focused and set to offer you some rich benefits.

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